“No expectations, No disappointments”

Often we do come across this quotation in our daily life and more or less we do agree with it at some point in our life.

Most of the times, it is said that we should not keep any expectations from the person we love. Love if pure has no expectation. But is it always so?

I do not think so. The expectation in a relationship is a must. Without expectations, a relationship would become static rather than dynamic. The expectation is nothing but a silver lining of hope.
It is mostly believed that we expect from whom we love, but in reality, deep down in our unconscious minds, we expect from a few whom we think loves us as well.

Don’t we expect from the Almighty that at the end of every crisis or struggle in life He would do everything best for us? I think such expectation from the Almighty gives hope for better days in times of hardship. I think realistic expectations won’t bring disappointment, whereas unrealistic expectations might.

Yes, it is true that expectations are mostly asked of others and that is where the chances of its failure remain. What we need to learn is to know the difference between a realistic and an unrealistic desire, rather than preventing ourselves from keeping expectations in a relationship. I also believe that, if we totally stop expecting from our loved ones in a relationship then all the ingredients of love, trust and hope would melt away in time.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡


Perfection in imperfection

Love is regarded as the purest and sacred aspect of our life. Being in love and being loved by someone has equal importance to living a normal healthy life. Love comes with different names like our parents, siblings, spouse, best friends and of course as boyfriend and girlfriend. So, at a time we can be in love with so many people.

But is it possible to be romantically in love with two person at a time?

I think the majority of you are going to say ‘No’. While few might say ‘Yes’. I was wondering about it for a long period of time and many a time it does happen we feel we are romantically in love with more than one person, which I think is very normal. If we keep the morality part aside then it has no problem. But since we live in a civilized world and consider ourselves as the epitome of the animal kingdom, we are expected to behave accordingly that is to have moral ethics in our lifestyle and behaviour. To be loyal to one partner and even thoughts of being attracted to someone else is considered as unfaithful.

Is romantically in love with someone always means to be physically attracted?

I think it is not always so. One might be just mentally attracted to someone, which might involve the essence of romanticism. But such type of love is only confined to exchange of thoughts which might be very similar to one another. Sometimes we just feel good to talk to someone. It has no relationship with the romantic involvement of lovemaking.

We might not get a partner who would have everything which we would consider as perfect for our life. So, we do get attracted to other people at the same time. But mere attraction is nothing harmful. One just needs to know where to draw a line. As there won’t be anyone who would fit the category of being called as perfect according to our wish and the cycle of being attracted to someone would keep repeating itself.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡

Forgiven but not forgotten

“Everything is ended if you forgive and forget” by Swami Vivekananda

Yes, I too believe in this words of Swamiji. Sometimes we think we cannot forgive the person for his or her deeds, particularly if that person played with our emotion. In a relationship when one of the partners lies and cheats, it becomes difficult to forgive and forget the opposite person who has unconditionally given love, affection and trust to built up that relationship. A relationship is like a child which we nurture with love and affection and continues growing it throughout our life. Cheating, lies, backstabbing can break the continuity of such growth in any relationship.

But don’t you think after a certain period of time one actually starts forgiving the person, maybe it can take a year or couple of years to do so. Even sometimes we give another chance to that relationship to grow.

Do you know why?

Because our love never dies with one incidence. It still remains inside us like a seed. Once the harsh reality of a drought in place gets accepted by the person he or she starts searching for the water in the name of best and wonderful memories we had spent with that person. And slowly it reduces our pain and we start to forgive him or her and even give another chance to grow that seed into a tree of love. Yes, it definitely takes time and patience.
However, at the same time how much we say we have forgotten the pain, it always remains inside as it was given by the person whom we have trusted the most. As I believe love can remain for aeons but once trust is broken it naturally remains there even if it looks just like a scratch.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡


She does remember her promise that she will never break,

She will remain in shadows to take care of you that you will never rate,

She knows you feel lonely and alone which she never wanted,

She just left you as you made her feel so much unwanted,

Yes, she can see the pain in your eyes but can only pray,

She does miss you but promised herself to never express,

She wants you to be happy and nothing does she expect,

She is that same girl whom you have once met.


© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡

Turning 25

Short Stories 1

It was one usual Sunday morning when Priya was scrolling through her Twitter account. While surfing through the pages, her eyes caught the picture of a man. The picture was of a tall, sturdy, wheatish man in rimless glasses. In the photo, the man was smiling, and the mountains were seen in the backdrop.

She liked the glittering eyes behind the rimless glasses which had stopped her from viewing other pictures of the album. Instantly she remembered that it was not only the first time that his eyes had drawn her towards him, but she was more in love with the soul of the person, since five years back.

They have known each other for a long time but she could never express her feelings in words to him as she had assumed that he knew everything. In fact, everyone around them could see how much she was in love with him, and he too knew it well.

On her 20th birthday, she gathered all her courage to express her feelings. When she proposed him, the man, gave a Glomar response. He just kept her hanging with doubts in their nameless relationship.

Time flies. Five long years have passed. She is still pretty, beautiful and young.
It is usual Sunday morning, and she is sitting in her room alone, looking through the man’s “honeymoon” photos on Twitter, but, the man in the photograph is now her best friend’s husband, and both of them were introduced by Priya on her 25th birthday.

© Lovestruck # @satire ♡ ♡



Love, Lust and Loneliness

Love and lust are best explained by Dante, the great poet. In his poem “La Vita Nuova”, he writes about a woman named Beatrice, for whom he expresses spiritual love. Later in his poetic masterpiece “The Divine Comedy”, Dante takes us through the realms of Hell, familiarising us with the nine circles of Hell. The second circle is Lust, where the poet visualizes Beatrice is taken a bride by Lucifer, citing Dante’s betrayal to Beatrice for having physical intimacy with a slave girl. Even, the great poet wasn’t relieved from the fangs of Lust and he did commit the mistake of betraying his beloved, thereby losing her to Lucifer. However metaphorical, this poem is my inspiration to pen down this topic and express my views to you, all.

In this blog, I will take a step further and explore their relation to the most common psychological disease most of us are grappled with, the loneliness.

Apart from being alliterative, these three words are somehow related to each other. You might be thinking how?

Well, I think most of us crave for a life where we will have ample space for being alone but not lonely, and in that process, we sometimes desire for someone who can fulfill our thirst for love. This basic human nature doesn’t allow us to differentiate between love and lust. The aching for bodily love or sometimes lust can suppress our loneliness for short span of time but not for a long period. Most of us have this nature to mistake such a momentary pleasure as a lifelong affair.

Let me share with you, a particular instance that might help you all to understand what I exactly mean to say. One of my friends has filed divorce against his wife. The reason for their divorce is an extramarital affair.
One fine day, his sudden return from the usual business trip brought surprise to him, his wife and her boyfriend. It was more painful for him as he caught them in the same bed where they had spent their first night. When confronted, she blamed him for her affair. She said that she felt lonely at home while he was always out of town for business trips. She was tired of waiting and wanted someone to make love with.

I think this is one of the most common reasons behind divorce nowadays. Being alone and being lonely are two different things. She was not home alone. She has a child too. She also has a good circle of friends to hang out with.

On one hand, we may be surrounded by thousands of people, but we can feel lonely inside and on the other hand, the presence of only one person is enough for us to live our lives happily without having the desire of needing someone else.

We call ourselves the intelligently superior to all the other animals in the Animal Kingdom ~ the Human Beings, hence, we can control our lust. At the same time because of this very nature of ours, we cannot live long in solitude without any desire for love.

We may find Love, Lust and Loneliness somehow interconnected. But in reality, they are parallel to each other and can only meet if we lose our control on any one of them.


© Lovestruck # @satire ♡ ♡

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This is my first writing for the blog readers. Hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and spread my words more through your choice.

I was wondering what to write and how to start when I remember one of the incidences to share. Leaving in your hands to decide whether it is love or satire in the name of love.

I am not giving names to the characters.

After a decade when she saw him on the social networking site, she couldn’t hold her feelings than to contact him. She managed to get his contact number and decided to call him. He was too happy as he still loves her. Hearing her voice after 10 long years brought goosebumps on his skin. She said that she is feeling guilty that 10 years back she left him without any explanation to marry another guy. So to get out of her guilt she called him to say sorry.

Soon from that one call, she continued to keep a secret affair with her past while at the same time celebrated her 10th marriage anniversary.


© Lovestruck#@satire ♡ ♡