Love, Lust and Loneliness

Love and lust are best explained by Dante, the great poet. In his poem “La Vita Nuova”, he writes about a woman named Beatrice, for whom he expresses spiritual love. Later in his poetic masterpiece “The Divine Comedy”, Dante takes us through the realms of Hell, familiarising us with the nine circles of Hell. The second circle is Lust, where the poet visualizes Beatrice is taken a bride by Lucifer, citing Dante’s betrayal to Beatrice for having physical intimacy with a slave girl. Even, the great poet wasn’t relieved from the fangs of Lust and he did commit the mistake of betraying his beloved, thereby losing her to Lucifer. However metaphorical, this poem is my inspiration to pen down this topic and express my views to you, all.

In this blog, I will take a step further and explore their relation to the most common psychological disease most of us are grappled with, the loneliness.

Apart from being alliterative, these three words are somehow related to each other. You might be thinking how?

Well, I think most of us crave for a life where we will have ample space for being alone but not lonely, and in that process, we sometimes desire for someone who can fulfill our thirst for love. This basic human nature doesn’t allow us to differentiate between love and lust. The aching for bodily love or sometimes lust can suppress our loneliness for short span of time but not for a long period. Most of us have this nature to mistake such a momentary pleasure as a lifelong affair.

Let me share with you, a particular instance that might help you all to understand what I exactly mean to say. One of my friends has filed divorce against his wife. The reason for their divorce is an extramarital affair.
One fine day, his sudden return from the usual business trip brought surprise to him, his wife and her boyfriend. It was more painful for him as he caught them in the same bed where they had spent their first night. When confronted, she blamed him for her affair. She said that she felt lonely at home while he was always out of town for business trips. She was tired of waiting and wanted someone to make love with.

I think this is one of the most common reasons behind divorce nowadays. Being alone and being lonely are two different things. She was not home alone. She has a child too. She also has a good circle of friends to hang out with.

On one hand, we may be surrounded by thousands of people, but we can feel lonely inside and on the other hand, the presence of only one person is enough for us to live our lives happily without having the desire of needing someone else.

We call ourselves the intelligently superior to all the other animals in the Animal Kingdom ~ the Human Beings, hence, we can control our lust. At the same time because of this very nature of ours, we cannot live long in solitude without any desire for love.

We may find Love, Lust and Loneliness somehow interconnected. But in reality, they are parallel to each other and can only meet if we lose our control on any one of them.


© Lovestruck # @satire ♡ ♡

30 thoughts on “Love, Lust and Loneliness

  1. Yes Anuskha! Kolkata is my second home! i love kolkota!
    I hv many Bengali friends!
    Pl do not give up blogging! you wud love it in course of time! You just need to be patient and write good contents-Thats all! Many peolple give it up when they don’t see results!
    Hv a great day!

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  2. profound. I am old now, I have been celibate since separating with a woman I loved most. this has not caused me problems, it has enabled me to be a better person. I still love the person of my life as though she were with me, but that is because I have grown as a person. I have strong passion for life, but not to be so insecure as to think in carnal terms, for once I was at that well. the water is sweet, but there is far more than water. there is wisdom in your writings and I am very pleased that such people like you have such wisdom. peace and love to you and yours.

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  3. The circle of life
    with all it’s twists and turns.
    Like a spinning hoop
    we can but try
    to keep that cycle
    in holistic balance.
    Eros without agape
    … a lonely loss.
    Love without truth
    just a passing emotion.

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    1. Life is made of Laughs
      and Tears we wipe,
      Life is made of Achievement
      and Strife,
      Life is that Fruit which
      oozes Wisdom when ripe,
      But, we all are in a Whirlpool
      called the Circle of Life

      Thank you for posting such a beautiful poem.

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  4. Totally agreed with the post…
    Would like to add..
    Here the word control is okay if it is not meaning to suppress energies.. if suppression is there than life energies will find its leakage and blast out.. but if control mean to see the energy rising with Consciousness and transforming that energy without suppressing than it is very best way..

    Loved your posts, so connected to life.. ✍

    Even anger is a beautiful energy in human if it is traced constantly with Consciousness it can take a human to the deep level of unconscious mind, where initially the vibrations are generating…. Once a person is able to reach depths of unconscious mind, s/he will be transformed totally into new Being.. 🙂

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    1. Controlling here means to reach the level of consciousness from where your lust won’t control your mind and body…
      Thank you so much once again for sharing your viewpoint and showering a positive feedback. .. 😊 😊


      1. My pleasure to read beautiful post in ur blog and give my views..i loved to spend my time in reading… 🙏

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