Love lie lie

“Telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile ”

People do often lie to their partners. And most of them think they are successful in fooling them. But it might not be the case. He or she might think the other person is naive and can’t catch them but to their surprise, the truth might be that the other person knows that you lied and hid things from him or her. It might be that he or she is just pretending not knowing it at all.

Now you must be thinking why he or she pretended instead of confronting the liar?

There might be two reasons.

First, the person doesn’t want to believe that the other person whom he or she trusted lied to him or her. He or she is actually trying to deny anything that can break their long cherished relationship.

Secondly, the partner might be testing how long the other partner can lie in a relationship. He or she might be giving a chance to the partner to say the truth himself or herself. If you miss the chance you might miss the relationship forever depends upon the things that you lied and hidden from your partner.

But the question is why do we need to lie or hide things from our partners?

Generally we humans lie when both our conscious and unconscious mind knows we are not doing the right thing. So before you lie or hide things which can affect the relationship have the courage to tell it to your partner. It might upset him or her but it would be much better than breaking the trust in your relationship. I believe love builds the relationship on the pillars of trust. So once trust is broken even love can’t hold the shaky relationship.

Β© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire β™‘β™‘



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