Perfection in imperfection

Love is regarded as the purest and sacred aspect of our life. Being in love and being loved by someone has equal importance to living a normal healthy life. Love comes with different names like our parents, siblings, spouse, best friends and of course as boyfriend and girlfriend. So, at a time we can be in love with so many people.

But is it possible to be romantically in love with two person at a time?

I think the majority of you are going to say ‘No’. While few might say ‘Yes’. I was wondering about it for a long period of time and many a time it does happen we feel we are romantically in love with more than one person, which I think is very normal. If we keep the morality part aside then it has no problem. But since we live in a civilized world and consider ourselves as the epitome of the animal kingdom, we are expected to behave accordingly that is to have moral ethics in our lifestyle and behaviour. To be loyal to one partner and even thoughts of being attracted to someone else is considered as unfaithful.

Is romantically in love with someone always means to be physically attracted?

I think it is not always so. One might be just mentally attracted to someone, which might involve the essence of romanticism. But such type of love is only confined to exchange of thoughts which might be very similar to one another. Sometimes we just feel good to talk to someone. It has no relationship with the romantic involvement of lovemaking.

We might not get a partner who would have everything which we would consider as perfect for our life. So, we do get attracted to other people at the same time. But mere attraction is nothing harmful. One just needs to know where to draw a line. As there won’t be anyone who would fit the category of being called as perfect according to our wish and the cycle of being attracted to someone would keep repeating itself.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡

93 thoughts on “Perfection in imperfection

      1. That is so kind of you to say, but I am old and such words are easy. You are the young flower that must define the path. Be strong. Change the world with your love. Help the world with your words. Challenge, never stop.

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  1. Well written and thanks for sharing… words like love. friendship, romance, relationship are mans attempt to put a label on one creatures feelings towards others… one’s feelings/beliefs are complicated and therefore difficult, if not impossible, to describe using mere words… 🙂

    Love is the expansion of two natures in such fashion that each include the other, each is enriched by the other.” Felix Adler

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  2. Amazing! Brilliant! very well written and expressed! It requires a lot of insight, feeling,experience to write such bold and splendid post!
    In my view,one can be romantically involved with two people at the same side and its quite normal!
    Kp smiling! Be happy,Anu!

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  3. Wow. There’s so much truth to what you write about. Many years ago, I thought I was in love with two very different men. I thought it was wrong. But as you mentioned, one of those “loves” was a creative connection, not a long term love. When I meet someone and recognize a part of myself in that person, it often feels like love.

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    1. I agree with being in love with someone creatively… I see myself in their art and that’s the connection. But romantically and sexually no… it takes me a long time I need to develop a friendship first. I fall in love with a persons mind.

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  4. What a timely post. I’m struggling with trying to grapple with my emotions as well as with morality.
    It is true that romantic love does not always have to be physical but it does involve that element- I would say.
    I’ve realised that trying to force myself to physically stay away from a person might help to prevent future hurt (being already in a relationship). Perhaps that push away from my natural impulses is essential in allowing for a stronger love to be nurtured between that other person and I.

    Still struggling because attraction is not something that can be changed. Enticement cannot be undone even if I had a strong mind. My mind can only resist but the flowering of emotions cannot be controlled.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m enjoying reading through your articles.

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  5. I think loyalty is the question here since it is possible to love two persons in different ways and for different reasons so on the morality aspect of it, true love should be governed by principles… that of loyalty and fidelty so even if one were to become attracted to another… living and loving by principle will mean not carrying out desires.

    Enjoyed reading this post. Will peruse your blog some more☺ and thanks for visiting mine☺

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    1. Thank you for sharing your valuable viewpoint. Yes you are right loyalty is important to any relationship. Attraction is normal but one needs to know when to draw the line that can challenge your other important relationship.
      I too enjoyed reading your post. Thank you once gain for visiting my blog.
      Happy blogging. 😊 😊

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  6. Love remains as good even at the time of ending doom, nobody will destroy pure love since this could be the soul connection in between the lovers. Anyway thanks a lot for good post with regard to Love.

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  7. My first love and I are no longer together but I will always love him, mentally he feels good to me… there are male artist that mentally they feel good to me, I love them but there is no need to be with them romantically, as I don’t know them… a friend of mind got mad at me when I said how can you be in love with me after all these years and you’re married. Now he’s widowed. But he just said he’s always be3n in love with me even though he knows I don’t feel the same. I just think that might be painful to be in love with someone knowing that it’s unrequited… but I’m the kind of person one man is enough… I don’t put myself in situations to be emotionally attached to two men…. not even one at times. Lol… some people can do it, but others can’t.

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    1. Thank you dear for sharing your experience.
      I think for some it is difficult to understand whether it is love or mere attraction. So end up with the confusion of being in love with two person. While there are few who do feel same amount of emtions with two person at a time.
      Though I do also prefer not to be emotionally attached to two men…not even one at times as you said… 😂😂

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    1. Thank you so much Abhi. All credits goes to my fellow bloggers and their constant support that made it possible. Your name comes to the top list who had walked through out my journey of writing and encouraged me by showering so much love and appreciation all the time.😊 😊

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    1. I too believe in one love or in other words one soulmate as you said, but getting attracted to a specific quality of a person may sometime confuse a man or a woman of being in love with two person at a time. However in some cases it can be true without any sort of confusion.
      Thank you so much for sharing your viewpoint. 😊 😊


  8. Very beautifully written.. lovely post.. About morality i would like to say there is only a illusion of morality nothing moral is there.. behind morality people are already killing humanity… Moral values are in human culture but it is getting worse than animals.. if you look at Sex which is basic drive of human.. and that has been so much suppressed by the human to maintain moral which resulted in crime like rapes… No body seen ever the rape in animals because there life is as natural as they are made by the existence..

    Loved to read the post, have a great journey ahead!

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  9. When I got married in college, it was for life. I’d found my compatible someone, which was not an easy task by the way. I’d filled through a number of frivolous and semi-serious relationships prior to that time. The marriage has witnessed it share of ups and downs, but has always remained the best I could hope for.

    But as you’ve aptly pointed out, there have been souls over time in which have added to life’s experience. There were never any relationships here beyond friendship, but there was attraction to certain soul’s goodness. It’s not something that should make one switch allegiances, but it is something to take note of. Love is not only in the married relationship sense, but also in the friend sense. I think it is healthy to share in both kinds, but not to get mixed up as to where your relationship belongs in the process.

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  10. Beautifully well written, It’s well put through, And I do agree with your thoughts. “mere attraction is nothing harmful. One just needs to know where to draw a line” it says everything!! Well done!!!

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  11. Good Morning 🙂
    Nicely penned … the difference is as you say ‘knowing where to draw the line and not overstepping boundaries’, l think it is possible to be attracted to many people in addition to your romantic inclination. People mostly think to be attracted to another only means either romantically or sexual and this is not true at all.

    By the way, l have tagged you into my 321 Quote Me game today – the topic is “Do what you love’.


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  12. Thank sharing a beautiful write-up. We humans cannot be PERFECT. Only HE is perfect. We humans can sway in our thoughts when it comes to love and relationship. To consider ourselves holier than thou is farfetched.

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  13. I heard about a woman who has a boy friend, and three former boyfriends. She sees all four of them each day, for about an hour and a half each; “I don’t understand it!” lol

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