Love, Life and More

It has been a long time since I have posted anything. It is not that nothing exciting happened all this period but it was because life suddenly seemed a little fast forward. With the start of the PhD program, many new things added to my life. Most of my times either spend in reading books, attending seminars and of course giving lectures in the college and checking copies.

One thing that happened best was my sudden visit to the University from where I did my post graduation to get the migration certificate. The visit was more of walking down the memory lane of roller coaster period of my life.

After a long time not only I had spent quality time with my own self but also enjoyed the solo trip a lot. Visiting India Gate to Ugrasen ki Baoli and doing lots of shopping from Sarojini Nagar and Janpath was fun. Yes, you read it right I had fun with myself alone. I have been in a hostel away from family for years, but I had never travelled alone. It was always with family or with friends but this time it was all my own.

When I had to make this sudden plan to visit, l was actually pissed off because I thought it would be super boring and worst. Staying in the hotel room to having breakfast, lunch and dinner with all me seemed not exciting. But then when it actually happened it was really great. Faraway from daily hustle and bustles of life and no one around to bother was great. I think this was a start of such solo trips there will be more ahead at least once in a year. In fact, I would advise all single and married working and so-called non-working (who actually does lots of household works) women should take such breaks for themselves. Sometimes we need to give time for our own self. Let us know how great company we are for our own self.

Walking alone in the streets of New Delhi might not seem very safe for many women but I felt very safe and secure, maybe because of my love for that city.

ยฉ Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire โ™กโ™ก

17 thoughts on “Love, Life and More

  1. Your post has taken me back to my memory to those 13 years which i had spent in Delhi. I am glad that you liked delhi and your solo trip.Yes anu, one should sometime be all alone and travel alone.It gives you a different and beautiful perspective of life.One must experience it.
    Love and hug!

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