The year is about to end and a new year is knocking on our doorstep. Many of us have already jotted down “to do” and “not to do” list as new year resolution. Though till date I haven’t made any such to do list in any of the new years but this year I have decided to ask all my dear friends and also to myself to keep ourselves at a distance from “toxic” people around us. Now who are these “toxic” people you might be thinking , right?

Well, a toxic person is the one who seems very sweet and dear to you when they enter into your life but as time passes you realize they are too acidic in nature and are in the process of making you fragile from inside and at that point when you need them most, they will leave you alone and almost devastated.
Again, after years when you get back your smile and is virtually in the phase of getting over such person they again appears out of the blue in your life to ruin your life once more. If you allow such person to be part of your life once more, then it would be like digging your own grave.

So keep the coming year for yourself and for those few who really matter to your life. Say good bye to the year as well to those toxic people whose absence is much better than their presence.

Love, live and have fun. Wishing all my dear bloggers a very Happy Christmas and New Year.


© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡



“No expectations, No disappointments”

Often we do come across this quotation in our daily life and more or less we do agree with it at some point in our life.

Most of the times, it is said that we should not keep any expectations from the person we love. Love if pure has no expectation. But is it always so?

I do not think so. The expectation in a relationship is a must. Without expectations, a relationship would become static rather than dynamic. The expectation is nothing but a silver lining of hope.
It is mostly believed that we expect from whom we love, but in reality, deep down in our unconscious minds, we expect from a few whom we think loves us as well.

Don’t we expect from the Almighty that at the end of every crisis or struggle in life He would do everything best for us? I think such expectation from the Almighty gives hope for better days in times of hardship. I think realistic expectations won’t bring disappointment, whereas unrealistic expectations might.

Yes, it is true that expectations are mostly asked of others and that is where the chances of its failure remain. What we need to learn is to know the difference between a realistic and an unrealistic desire, rather than preventing ourselves from keeping expectations in a relationship. I also believe that, if we totally stop expecting from our loved ones in a relationship then all the ingredients of love, trust and hope would melt away in time.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡

Perfection in imperfection

Love is regarded as the purest and sacred aspect of our life. Being in love and being loved by someone has equal importance to living a normal healthy life. Love comes with different names like our parents, siblings, spouse, best friends and of course as boyfriend and girlfriend. So, at a time we can be in love with so many people.

But is it possible to be romantically in love with two person at a time?

I think the majority of you are going to say ‘No’. While few might say ‘Yes’. I was wondering about it for a long period of time and many a time it does happen we feel we are romantically in love with more than one person, which I think is very normal. If we keep the morality part aside then it has no problem. But since we live in a civilized world and consider ourselves as the epitome of the animal kingdom, we are expected to behave accordingly that is to have moral ethics in our lifestyle and behaviour. To be loyal to one partner and even thoughts of being attracted to someone else is considered as unfaithful.

Is romantically in love with someone always means to be physically attracted?

I think it is not always so. One might be just mentally attracted to someone, which might involve the essence of romanticism. But such type of love is only confined to exchange of thoughts which might be very similar to one another. Sometimes we just feel good to talk to someone. It has no relationship with the romantic involvement of lovemaking.

We might not get a partner who would have everything which we would consider as perfect for our life. So, we do get attracted to other people at the same time. But mere attraction is nothing harmful. One just needs to know where to draw a line. As there won’t be anyone who would fit the category of being called as perfect according to our wish and the cycle of being attracted to someone would keep repeating itself.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡

Once upon a time

Short stories 4

It was a usual day when Riya was coming back to her home from the office. She was waiting in the bus stand to get the bus. She saw that a girl came in a hassle and stood just behind her. Soon a queue was formed. The girl was on her phone busy speaking to someone. Riya was listening to her conversation as there was no better option for her. Unlike most office goers she avoids listening to music on her journey from home to office and visa vis.

That girl was speaking to her mother and from the conversation, Riya came to know that she is about to get married next week and therefore was asking her mother to come to a popular shopping mall and was, therefore, telling her to make a list of things to buy. She was speaking to her mom that she wants to buy a watch for Rohit. After hearing few more conversation Riya now knew Rohit is the groom. Riya actually wants to turn around to see the face of the girl properly whose conversation she was eavesdropping for almost half an hour. Though the voice seemed known to her from the very beginning.

The queue started to move and everyone started to enter the bus to take up their seats as available. The girl sat just beside Riya. Riya now looked at her properly and remembered she is none other than the girl she used to hate a lot. She was Natasha who was the reason behind Riya’s breakup with her boyfriend in college days. It has been seven years since then. Perhaps Natasha too recognized her as she quickly lowered her head to avoid further eye contact.

Since Riya was sitting beside the window seat she too turned her face towards the window views.

Natasha hanged her phone. It was an awkward moment of silence. Natasha and Riya used to share a good friendship before that incidence.

The guy who ditched Riya after 5 years of relationship for Natasha also ditched Natasha for some another girl within a year of their relationship. Riya came to know about this from some of their common friends but got confirmed unknowingly by hearing her conversation that day.

Riya somehow didn’t feel anything neither happy nor sad as she perhaps always knew this was going to happen.

After four stops Riya got up to reach the bus door to get down. As the bus stopped and the gate opened Riya looked towards Natasha, she was too staring at her and then the seven years long silence broke with an exchange of a smile.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡



She does remember her promise that she will never break,

She will remain in shadows to take care of you that you will never rate,

She knows you feel lonely and alone which she never wanted,

She just left you as you made her feel so much unwanted,

Yes, she can see the pain in your eyes but can only pray,

She does miss you but promised herself to never express,

She wants you to be happy and nothing does she expect,

She is that same girl whom you have once met.


© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡

Divine alliance

We live in a multicultural world where every society has their own set of norms. However, at certain points, most of the society behave alike. It does happen in most societies that whenever we see a person being single for years are labeled as sad, depressed and lonely. And all our relatives who might not agree each other’s in most of the things would definitely agree in this matter of changing your status from “single” to “engaged” by arranging a partner for you.

I really don’t understand why some people think one can be happy only in a relationship. At least I don’t think so. A person can be equally sad, depressed and lonely even in a relationship.

One really needs to understand there is a remarkable difference between being single and alone and being single and lonely. My definition of being single and alone is to be in a divine state of understanding oneself and thereby searching the purpose of one’s life. It is a heavenly state of being positively charged with freedom and happiness. Whereas, being single and lonely means, one has lost the connection with the divine power and therefore has reached a bewildering stage. Such people are in search of that ray of hope in life.

So, it is our own duty to ask ourselves where we stand. If you feel that you are lonely then do meditation to reconnect yourself with divine power. And if you think you are alone then spread the positive energy of yours as the ray of hope for others.


© Lovestruck # @satire ♡ ♡