As she closes her eyes comes the white light,
Takes her to hundreds of miles,
Where lives the moons and stars of her life.

She walks into the timeless space,
Music of love and life there plays,

And, everything she has ever wanted.

She started to dance in her golden gown,
Wearing her graceful queen crown,

In the soothing moonshine, holding her man’s arms.

Trickles then, the beam of sunlight,
Made her open the beautiful eyes,
She smiles and welcomes the morning mist.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡



“Relationships are more important than life, but it is important for those relationships to have life in them.” – Swami Vivekananda.

Sometimes it is difficult to express your emotion without tears while sometimes one can cry inside without shedding a drop. It depends on person to person and sometimes on their experiences from life. It is really painful when the person for whom you are fighting day and night blames you and find faults in you for small things. One might think his or her contribution in the name of sacrifice for the relationship is much more than the opposite partner thereby bringing ego for every little thing. Yes, it might be true that you are doing a bit more than your partner but did you ever take time to think his or her role in it.

Maybe you cannot see that because your ego comes before your thoughts. Even if you know and wants to accept his or her contribution your ego would stop you from doing so. One cannot live his or her life when one of the partners showing doubts on the other partner whom he or she is claiming to be in love with all the good times. Love is not about being together all your life, rather it is about being happy to be with each other.

“I Love You” is easy to spell out and pronounce hundred times a day. But the difficulty is holding the true essence of its meaning in your life and relationship.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡

Once upon a time

Short stories 4

It was a usual day when Riya was coming back to her home from the office. She was waiting in the bus stand to get the bus. She saw that a girl came in a hassle and stood just behind her. Soon a queue was formed. The girl was on her phone busy speaking to someone. Riya was listening to her conversation as there was no better option for her. Unlike most office goers she avoids listening to music on her journey from home to office and visa vis.

That girl was speaking to her mother and from the conversation, Riya came to know that she is about to get married next week and therefore was asking her mother to come to a popular shopping mall and was, therefore, telling her to make a list of things to buy. She was speaking to her mom that she wants to buy a watch for Rohit. After hearing few more conversation Riya now knew Rohit is the groom. Riya actually wants to turn around to see the face of the girl properly whose conversation she was eavesdropping for almost half an hour. Though the voice seemed known to her from the very beginning.

The queue started to move and everyone started to enter the bus to take up their seats as available. The girl sat just beside Riya. Riya now looked at her properly and remembered she is none other than the girl she used to hate a lot. She was Natasha who was the reason behind Riya’s breakup with her boyfriend in college days. It has been seven years since then. Perhaps Natasha too recognized her as she quickly lowered her head to avoid further eye contact.

Since Riya was sitting beside the window seat she too turned her face towards the window views.

Natasha hanged her phone. It was an awkward moment of silence. Natasha and Riya used to share a good friendship before that incidence.

The guy who ditched Riya after 5 years of relationship for Natasha also ditched Natasha for some another girl within a year of their relationship. Riya came to know about this from some of their common friends but got confirmed unknowingly by hearing her conversation that day.

Riya somehow didn’t feel anything neither happy nor sad as she perhaps always knew this was going to happen.

After four stops Riya got up to reach the bus door to get down. As the bus stopped and the gate opened Riya looked towards Natasha, she was too staring at her and then the seven years long silence broke with an exchange of a smile.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡



They don’t talk to each other,
They don’t meet each other,
They hardly know what’s going on in their life,
Still, there is something left between them,
How much she misses her only her heart knows
How much she cares for him only her mind knows
How much she wonders for his wellbeing only does God knows,
Still, there is something left between them,
Every day she wonders whether he ever thinks of her?
Every day she wonders whether he will ever call her back?
Every day she wonders whether he will recognise her if sees her again?
Still, there is something left between them
Days, months and years passed but she still thinks there is something left between them.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡


She does remember her promise that she will never break,

She will remain in shadows to take care of you that you will never rate,

She knows you feel lonely and alone which she never wanted,

She just left you as you made her feel so much unwanted,

Yes, she can see the pain in your eyes but can only pray,

She does miss you but promised herself to never express,

She wants you to be happy and nothing does she expect,

She is that same girl whom you have once met.


© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡


We all want to live, but do we ever take time to think what will change if we die?
I do ask myself this question and the only answer I get is “Nothing” will change after my death. Yes, my parents will be very sad, also my sister, but after some time everything will be same as it was before. I know my mother will be the only person to remember me every day while the others will quickly accept it. My relatives will remember me until the 13th day of my cremation ceremony. They will come and enjoy the grand feast.
What about my friends?
They will miss me. Some of them might shed a tear on my death. A few might remember me on those occasions when they would be needing me. I know there will be a period when I will totally vanish from their memories.
You might be thinking why I am still living?
And my answer to your question is why shouldn’t  I?
We might claim that we are living for others or particularly for a special few, who are very close to our heart. But the truth is that we live for the sake of living, not for anyone or anything.
Yes, sometimes it’s hard to live. But every morning when I stand on the seventh-floor balcony of my flat and see the unwearied Sun rising alone in between the high rise buildings, I take a deep breath and happily welcome another day in my life.

© Lovestruck # @satire ♡ ♡