Auspicious time

“Life was always a matter of waiting for the right moment”. –Paulo Coelho

We all are bound by the time and how much we want certain things to happen at the time of our choice, it will only occur when it is meant to be.

I have never thought of starting a blog, though I used to write my thoughts in my diary since my school days. In fact two years back when one of my friends advised me to start a blog, neither did I try nor did I take it seriously. But, today I have started sharing my thoughts with the world through my blog. Perhaps this was the right time for which I was waiting so long.

But is it always right to wait for the right time in certain situations?

No, I don’t think so. Sometimes we need to grab the time like a tide. Once it is lost, one has to wait for the next tide with lots of patience and one never knows whether it will come with the same intensity or not. I remember an incidence of my friend, who used to very much love a girl but was waiting for the right time to propose her. He thought to make some more money first then to propose her directly for marriage, as he knew that she loves him as she had already expressed her feelings for him. However, she remained confused as he had never admitted his feelings. He just kept saying, “Wait for the right time, you will know my feelings”. Unfortunately, that time never came as she died in an accident.

My friend still cannot forgive himself as he was well settled that time and was unnecessarily running after making more money. He could have easily proposed her as he knew she was dying to hear it from his mouth that how much he loves her.

I think when we love someone we shouldn’t wait for the right time to express our feelings. As we never know whether that right time will ever match with the time allotted by God in our entire lifespan.

In some situation, right time is when you are ready for it while in some other situation right time is when the entire nature is ready for it.

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Divine alliance

We live in a multicultural world where every society has their own set of norms. However, at certain points, most of the society behave alike. It does happen in most societies that whenever we see a person being single for years are labeled as sad, depressed and lonely. And all our relatives who might not agree each other’s in most of the things would definitely agree in this matter of changing your status from “single” to “engaged” by arranging a partner for you.

I really don’t understand why some people think one can be happy only in a relationship. At least I don’t think so. A person can be equally sad, depressed and lonely even in a relationship.

One really needs to understand there is a remarkable difference between being single and alone and being single and lonely. My definition of being single and alone is to be in a divine state of understanding oneself and thereby searching the purpose of one’s life. It is a heavenly state of being positively charged with freedom and happiness. Whereas, being single and lonely means, one has lost the connection with the divine power and therefore has reached a bewildering stage. Such people are in search of that ray of hope in life.

So, it is our own duty to ask ourselves where we stand. If you feel that you are lonely then do meditation to reconnect yourself with divine power. And if you think you are alone then spread the positive energy of yours as the ray of hope for others.


© Lovestruck # @satire ♡ ♡

First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

This is my first writing for the blog readers. Hope you will enjoy reading my thoughts and spread my words more through your choice.

I was wondering what to write and how to start when I remember one of the incidences to share. Leaving in your hands to decide whether it is love or satire in the name of love.

I am not giving names to the characters.

After a decade when she saw him on the social networking site, she couldn’t hold her feelings than to contact him. She managed to get his contact number and decided to call him. He was too happy as he still loves her. Hearing her voice after 10 long years brought goosebumps on his skin. She said that she is feeling guilty that 10 years back she left him without any explanation to marry another guy. So to get out of her guilt she called him to say sorry.

Soon from that one call, she continued to keep a secret affair with her past while at the same time celebrated her 10th marriage anniversary.


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