What should she do??

What should she do ?

Forgive and continue

What should she do?

Forget and continue

What should she do?

Forgive and let go

What should she do?

Forget and let go

What should she do?

Leave everything on time and take a long breath which she often forgets to take.

What should she do ?


What should she do?


© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡

19 thoughts on “What should she do??

  1. Yes, it’s important to focus on good aspects of life and move on. Actually, we can move on without forgetting our past also. People want to forget because they don’t want to have bad memories that causes pain. They want to forget sometimes because of fear of the society when a bitter truth is revealed. There are people in this world who dare to face every situation in life. They are honest and don’t want to forget a past which helped them with so much learning.

    To solve an issue forever we must face it, take timely action and then move on with mutual agreement.

    Time will not heal our wounds automatically without proper action with interest.

    She can build a bright future and live a great life if she wants to.

    In my case i would like to meet people, make more friends and spread happiness to all. I will receive the same in return.

    Nothing should block ourselves to keep us happy.

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      1. In this case she need to stay away from a person who is not trustworthy. She need to stay in a circle of more positive people who can help her overcome the shocking experience.

        It’s just a learning experience and not a road block to life.

        The question is how she can find another person to trust and move on. It depends on her life’s experience vand self-belief not to give up.

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      2. Yes true…
        Actually what I understood talking to her she extremely love that guy. And since he said to her he understood his mistake and won’t repeat she is getting confused whether to trust him again or move on…what I understood if this same thing is repeated she won’t be able to handle. I think she should take a break.

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      3. I am a social worker by heart and committed to provide better consulting in every area of life. I have no experience as a relationship consultant but your question induced this thought in me to take a step further and think like one.

        I will share my views here which may not provide a perfect solution.

        First thing to consider the age of these people. Can you share with me the age of the boy and the girl in question. I need to think accordingly what is best for them.

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      4. If i go back by 7 years from their age, i can understand the relationship started at an early age. Though it’s not a teenage, i have seen people not matured enough to take a great decision on life at their early twenties. They should talk more often with family members than professional relationship consultants. As you are in touch and observed both of them, you can better judge whether they are matured adults or not. Age can’t guarantee maturity level as all don’t learn the same set of values from their childhood.

        In your observation, if they are matured adults, they can take a decision on their own. Before arriving at a great solution, all need to understand well the difference between love, lust and infatuation.

        Love has the power to forgive for a new beginning. The guy accepted that he was cheating not once but for last 3 years. Here the girl need to understand what caused him to cheat in a relationship. People in love can’t cheat one another. What is his point of interest in her? It could be lust for beauty, lust for her money or lust to satisfy his ego. Love demands commitment in a relationship. People can stay away for years and still can love eachother if it’s true love that demands nothing but the wellbeing of the beloved.

        He somehow convinced her again. But there is great possibility he will cheat again on his next opportunity if he is not completely devoid of lust.

        It’s important to understand what caused him cheat and what caused him again to comeback and apologize. The way he convinced her again, can he do the same with her family members. Can he face them and ask her hand with a marriage proposal. An honest person can do that and a crook can never.

        She can think of better experimental approach to find out if it’s true love. With true love people should forgive each other for a mistake in life.

        Now she can decide whether to move ahead or break-up in a relationship

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      5. Actually when he got caught he had denied intially. But later he confessed
        He made a mistake and when he was cheating her he didn’t realized it. But now he has realise his mistake. Feeling guilty. He said because of his repeated failure in career prospects he took it as his way to relaxation rather than taking alcohol,cigarettes or drugs.
        He was even taking counseling from psychiatric for his anxiety and depression .

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      6. People can be built to become better person if they are willing to change themselves. The guy seems to be a child at heart. Every child wants an escape route at first and accepts later under pressure. This acceptance should be because of realization and not under pressure. A change can happen only with realization. The girl must observe this before taking a great career decision like marriage.

        In any case the guy needs more councelling and moral support. She need to provide him maximum moral support at this stage. Still there is time to think about continuing further relationship.

        True colors often revealed when we face bad times and how many come to support us at this time. people usually stand with us when we are affluent and doing good in life. The other important factor is to impart more values and develop a strong heart which can take great decisions.

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      7. Yes you are right
        It is very difficult for her to remain beside him as a friend…though she is trying to…because their relationship started as a friend first…
        I think she shouldn’t forgive give at once or get into the relationship again…but just give as much time as one friend can give to her bf. Though it is and will be painful. Or she can only think about her ownself and let go

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      8. Yes, it’s difficult and need a lot of mental stamina. Difficult because human beings just can’t live completely selfless without any expectations. It’s painful in the event those are not getting fulfilled.

        Love has the power to change and we can’t. Who knows her man may get completely transformed as she want him to be because of her selfless service when he is suffering. Miracles do happen and nothing impossible with great will power.

        On a higher side we need to accept people as they are without pushing them for a change to fulfill our needs. Love demands this and service has to be selfless. The only need is to spread love and happiness to all.

        A time will come when people will want to change themselves because of your goodness.

        Have a great day!

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  2. My suggestion would be to forgive but not to forget. There is no need to find an escape route. Continue on your journey and let go of everything that can’t be changed. Don’t reject anyone and accept all unconditionally as part of a global family. God will stand by us in our journey of we can do this successfully.

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