Peace of mind!!

Is it possible to forgive and move on?

Is it possible to forget everything and restart?

Is it worthy to trust someone who caught got cheating and constantly lied?

Is it possible to believe that one who absolutely behaved like a gentleman or gentlewoman to his or her partner was a characterless person behind can ever change when got caught?

Is it worthy to trust a dual character person?

Is it possible to give a chance without trust and respect in a relationship?

Is it possible to accept him or her partner as his or her bestfriend as the person who cheated was also the bestfriend of that person who lost both the relationship at once?

I know it is very important to forgive else life becomes extremely suffocating for the one who got cheated. But still I want to know what one should do in such situations to get back the peace of mind?

Β© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire β™‘β™‘

9 thoughts on “Peace of mind!!

  1. It’s possible when we work with noble intentions for a higher cause. People change for people they love. It’s powerful. But trying all this we should not lose focus on our goals and our peace of mind. We need to live for the society and not for any single individual. As every individual is part of our society, we shouldn’t give up doing our best to bring the person back to society when we realise the need. We are no different if we display bad manners to a person because we have been treated once like this.

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  2. To get back peace of mind we should think of causes bigger than what struck us up. We can follow our passion and do some community work for those bigger causes in society. It’s direct service to God. When a camel comes under a mountain it realises how small it’s size. So, our personal problems can’t be bigger to social needs. We can always regain control over our thoughts as we want.

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      1. Peace of mind most important to concentrate better on more important aspects of life. I apply the same principles on myself when i observe I’m getting carried away too much over some thoughts that kill my time. It helps me understand myself as a human being who can’t find solutions to all problems in life and those should be left for God to look after. When i start depending on God – our savior i am at complete peace of mind.

        Thank you for sharing this article. Your post is an eye opener. It helped me think better and i beleive it will help all in need.

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  3. “Is it possible to forget everything and restart?” β€” No!

    But the thing is, if we remember everything and then restart, then somewhere, somehow, it makes us stronger.

    I know, I’m just playing with the words here, but isn’t that how experience works?

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