Once a cheater is always a cheater

When a person can cheat in a relationship?

When the other partner trusts.

When a person can cheat you again in a relationship?

When the other person forgives the cheater and starts believing his or her lies again.

So never ever break the trust who trust you. As love can build any relationship but trust holds the relationship.

And those partners who have been fooled once and cheated by her partner never ever forgive him. As once a cheater will always be a cheater as he cheated you because he had never ever loved you. As all cheaters are expert liars. You have learned your lesson. May be you have cherished that relationship for several years or may be decades but you are totally broken now your heart has been hammered several times and broken into thousand peices. Gather them and built it yourself and make it a stone.

Don’t you ever think that the cheater is happy in life after pushing you into darkness. The day you came to know about his or her truth that was the last day for his or her happy days. As God is there and He decided to reveal the truth infront of you. So he had also decided the punishment for that cheater. You just don’t have to do anything but to wait and see the drastic punishment God has written for him or her. Just believe in God and wait for the curse to take place. It might take time, may be years but the cheater will get the punishment that he had never imagined and wherever you live that news will come to you.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡