When two adults cheat their partners,the common explanation they give when got caught is that there are no such feelings left between them and their partners. They are no more in love with him or her but have found a new love, who can be even his wife’s best friend with whom he was introduced by his wife in their marriage anniversary or that person can be her husbands colleague with whom she was introduced by her husband in her last surprise birthday party.
If the cheaters get humiliated by the other family members for their such behavior then suddenly rather then feeling guilty, they started acting as being victim of these whole situation. Falling in love with another person is not a crime but the cheaters cannot decide from their partners point of view. They cannot declare that their is no love left between him or her with their respective partners. May be their partners to whom they have cheated still loves them whole heartedly . In this whole situation you are getting someone with whom you are in love and dreaming to start a new innings of your life, but your partner lost not only his or her love but also trust, their dreams with you and most importantly confidence in themselves.
Yes I do believe as time passes they will get back their confidence, trust and may find a true love but all their life they cannot forget that painful phase of their life given by the person they had once loved so much.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡


41 thoughts on “Infidelity

  1. I totally agree with you!Unfortunately this has become the trend in today’s world.Trust is the key issue! But then Anu, we have to learn to flow with the water and not against it. We have to learn to accept life as it comes to you and not as it should be. Their lies our happiness.And we must learn to be happy in life!

    Lots of love!

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    1. Yes you are right one needs to flow with the water not against it. But I think one shouldn’t take this as trend and accept it easily . If we start accepting such things just like that then we are giving our future generations more complicated and unstable society with a shaky institutions of family and marriage.

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  2. Anu, my comment was not simply for elite or urban areas alone.It was in respect to 135 crores people of India. Our 80% population lives in rural areas where education and financial dependency are the main culprit for the worst treatment women get in rural areas which also include Infidelity.
    Yes if we talk about only urban areas,we should fight out against this crime tooth and nail and not accept such things at all.

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