Love and War

“Everything is fair in love and war”

We do know this phrase for ages. But is it really so? Do love and war go together? Love is all about creation, while war is all about destruction. Love is alacrity, while war is apathy. Love is music while war is cacophony.
History has shown us, wars are fought in the name of love, but, after the gory battle,is it possible to hold that love?
Love is beautiful but can it be beautiful when painted in pool of bloodstream?

Is everything is really fair in love? No I don’t think so. We cannot do anything and everything  in love or for love. But, we can try to do so.We can only try our best to nurture the love. Neither we can beg nor we can fight for love.

Love is a blessing which can be felt but not touched, which can be experienced but cannot be forced upon others.

It just happens. If it is meant to be, it will survive and if not it will vanish before one can realize.

© Anushka Ghosh
Lovestruck # @satire ♡♡

54 thoughts on “Love and War

  1. Superb! I loved this long awaited post from your side, especially the last line-” it just happens. If it is meant to be, it will survive and if not it will vanish before one can realize”
    While it is correct technically but practically, we need to respect, nurture and trust it. one cannot take love for granted. Because if we do not have these three elements in our love, it can never survive. Last but also most important factor, love should be unconditional and free from all barriers. if we follow this love will never vanish and if it vanishes even after this, this was never your love and you should not regret it.
    Enough said, Anu!

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    1. You last but four lines reminds me the song of a beautiful film-“Khamoshi”
      ” Hamne dekhi hai unn aakhon me mahakti khoosboo ,haath se chukhe isse pyaar ka naam na do, ye sirf ek
      ehsaash hai, mahasoosh karo,pyarko pyar hi rahane do risto ka naam na do”

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      1. This song has a very deep meaning and this is what the last four lines of your post is conveying.You hv expressed it beautifully!
        You hv made me go back to my past-thank you!Anu!

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  2. Time has changed,Anu! Expectations from each other have gone very high. People have no time. They set wrong priorties. .There is a communication gap! They have no patience.
    That is why i say- never take things for granted.You have to nurture your relationship to last is life long!

    Lets not get into more details lest you get bored.

    Love and hug!

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  3. interesting take on war fought for love, and would one be able after the war.

    what the phrase might mean though is, when you are fighting a war or in love, you are so focussed that you lose the bigger perspective thereby making everything you do seem fair.

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  4. ‘Love’ is there so up above
    ‘and war’ so much here, below,

    we understood all ‘is fair’
    so well deep down here

    far up above we can’t fly n soar
    ‘cos efforts we no put, only roar

    ‘everything’ we make into war
    of which we can’t make out love

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  5. I agree dear Poet.
    “It just happens. If it is meant to be, it will survive and if not it will vanish before one can realize.”
    I liked the ancient poet saying. “Love comes, when love wants.” A amazing poem.

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