Humans have the most complex psychology. There are a few human beings who can hold their emotions with such an ease. In our naked eyes, they might seem emotionless to us. But is it possible to be emotionless if born as a human?

We mostly judge one’s emotional wellbeing with his or her relationship status. When such status changes we try to understand the emotional turmoil, the person is going through. To analyse the depth of love in a relationship we start counting the number of years they had spent together.

But is it always right to know how strong a relationship was or the depth and intensity of love between them on the basis of the number of days they were together?

There are few exceptionally emotionally strong persons who can get out of their decade relationship and can easily get into a new relationship within a month of breaking up.

While there are some who cannot even get out of half bloomed relationship that sustained for a month. They live in the essence of their old memories and take years to move on in their life.

The nature and depth of love in human beings varies so much that each one of us seems alien to each other though belong to the same animal kingdom.

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35 thoughts on “Emotive

  1. My two cents 🙂
    We can never gauge the other person, since we judge with the same intelligence that the other is using to behave. You cannot solve the puzzle when you are a piece in it. Emotions are part of the intellect so we cannot be emotionless if we are sane. If there is any distinction between individuals it is the distinction between emotional strength and emotional resilience.

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    1. I agree that we have the same intellect, but we differ in experiences. Life is the best teacher as we all know, it teaches us a lot of things and we learn to judge. Nobody is perfect, yet some take the right decision at the right time and others cannot. Being emotionless is completely sane and it is called endurance. I am sure that you have heard of Stoicism, which teaches us to be indifferent to fortune and pain. Thank you for your valuable and insightful comment 🙂

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      1. My two more cents, stop me if I spend too many 😛
        I think decisions are decisions, the concept of right and wrong are so subjective that what you thought as right may seem wrong in retrospect, and here we are not even including the external or perspective of others.
        Endurance is actually being more aware of your emotions, rather than the lack of it. Stoicism teaches or rather experimented if we could answer questions about life, universe and such philosophical questions by being indifferent to the same, also they must be emotional about being indifferent 🙂

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      2. Yes, you are absolutely right and I quote “the concept of right and wrong are so subjective that what you thought as right may seem wrong in retrospect”,
        but we take the decision which is correct for that instant. I will tell you a small story from the epic poem Mahabharata,. Mahabharata is a poem describing a battle between two tribes of India, the Kaurava and the Pandavas and the irony is that the tribes were brothers. Arjuna, a prince of the Pandavas put down his bow and arrow seeing his brothers on the other side, and said to his charioteer Krishna that it will be a sin to kill his own brothers, to this Krishna said ” You should do your duty, and take the right decision, if you don’t take up arms, your brothers will kill you”
        Hence my point, how much subjective a decision might seem, there is always a right one and wrong one, time is the judge.
        Feel free spend more 🙂 Thank you.

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      3. Haha no more, you convinced me with Mahabharat and reference to time. Time is indeed the judge and no one would know better than time that nothing is forever.

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  2. So true… We all have our own rhythms and tools for adapting to change and emotion. You are so right to question the emotional complexity of those who seem “cold” or purely driven by logic… I believe we all feel. It’s just a matter of how much we allow those feelings to express themselves within our conscious mind. As implied, even if we don’t feel them consciously, part of us does feel them, which is why people who display little emotion either need a consistent way to process their emotions outside of standard expression or they can lose themselves to unprocessed emotions over time. This all plays out of relationships… As you infer, the timeframe in which we “live”, the window of time where we draw our current selves from and on which we base our decisions, is critical.

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  3. Hi Anuskha! There is not a single word and line of your post i don’t agree! very matured thoughts at such a young age. It looks like you have the complete insight and experience you have gone through.I am greatly impressed with your mindset.
    !00 by 100.
    Be happy and keep smiling.Always!

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    1. Look Anushkha! I am being very honest with you.i cannot stop myself but give u my honest feeling about your post.Your posts are extraordinary and you deserve the best appreciation.I love your style!
      Smile always!

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  4. I think we have to consider also social/cultural norms when referring to emotions and how they vary between humans, Another factor to consider is brain chemistry. Very thought provoking.

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  5. Each person is different. The way everyone thinks yet it is beautiful how people try to manage being with each other in any sort of relationship. But definitely a manual would come handy… 😉

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  6. Again with the deep thoughts! What is your mind made of dear! You are right about the fact that we humans are like strangers to ourselves despite being from the same species. Our minds all work differently!

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