We all want to live, but do we ever take time to think what will change if we die?
I do ask myself this question and the only answer I get is “Nothing” will change after my death. Yes, my parents will be very sad, also my sister, but after some time everything will be same as it was before. I know my mother will be the only person to remember me every day while the others will quickly accept it. My relatives will remember me until the 13th day of my cremation ceremony. They will come and enjoy the grand feast.
What about my friends?
They will miss me. Some of them might shed a tear on my death. A few might remember me on those occasions when they would be needing me. I know there will be a period when I will totally vanish from their memories.
You might be thinking why I am still living?
And my answer to your question is why shouldn’t  I?
We might claim that we are living for others or particularly for a special few, who are very close to our heart. But the truth is that we live for the sake of living, not for anyone or anything.
Yes, sometimes it’s hard to live. But every morning when I stand on the seventh-floor balcony of my flat and see the unwearied Sun rising alone in between the high rise buildings, I take a deep breath and happily welcome another day in my life.

© Lovestruck # @satire ♡ ♡

36 thoughts on “LIFE BEFORE DEATH

  1. Such a lovely post. One thing I might argue though is that you might be overlooking the influence of social media and blogging on the concept of death. You may be correct that, formally, your mother might be the only one to remember you after the period of mourning, but there are still many who know you online that would grieve for longer than that. As proof I submit that, were you to die tomorrow, and this blog to cease posting, many of us would be saddened and may not even know that you died. But you would remain in our memories, our thoughts, a snapshot of your self as projected through your writing. Think of all the authors, great and pulp alike, who live on to this day through their writing. There are writers and friends on social media who I knew that have passed, and who I still remember fondly and whose writing I still revisit on occasion just to keep their light lit. Noone lives forever, and eventually, we are all forgotten, but writing down your story and sharing it with others helps us relative strangers to build relationships that allow lives to persist and retain influence long after the physical body has departed.

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      1. Yes, majority never accept truth so easily.. but truth never Change, whether we accept or not it remains same… Person can put him/herself in darkness by ignoring but that doesn’t matters to the Truth…


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